Some Oculus Touch VR Controllers Shipped With These Bizarre Hidden Messages

Alonzo Simpson
April 14, 2019

Earlier today, Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell made a statement on Twitter regarding several "easter eggs" [sic] intended for prototypes that had accidentally made their way into a production batch of Oculus Touch motion controllers.

In a series of tweets Nate Mitchell, head of VR for Facebook, said the firm had mistakenly included the secret "easter egg" messages on the soon-to-be-released Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest controllers.

"The messages on final production hardware say "This Space For Rent" & "The Masons Were Here.' A few dev kits shipped with 'Big Brother is Watching" and 'Hi iFixit! We see you!" was also included. Silly phrases like "This Space For Rent" have been printed inside "tens of thousands" of the new Touch controllers, a joke that was only meant for prototype models.

'While I appreciate Easter eggs, these were inappropriate and should have been removed. He assured that the integrity and functionality of the controllers themselves weren't compromised and that the company has tuned its process to avoid something like this from ever happening again.

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While the vast majority of Oculus owners will never take apart their controllers and find the messages, news of the hidden content will nearly certainly raise eyebrows given Facebook's already tarnished public image.

The easter egg messages are located on the "flex" portion of the Touch controllers, Business Insider reported. By the time Oculus discovered the messages, it was too late, as they had already been printed into consumer hardware meant for the market. Since the messages are inside on the hardware, you won't see them when using the controllers.

Even still, Facebook representative Johanna Peace said affected units would not be recalled once they're shipped, which makes plenty of sense seeing as those messages won't affect how the product performs at all.

To some, jokes like "Big Brother is watching" are in poor taste considering the public relations woes of Oculus parent company, Facebook.

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