China blocks all language editions of Wikipedia breakingnews May 15,2019

Nellie Chapman
May 18, 2019

Wikipedia is now completely inaccessible in China.

China has expanded its ban on Wikipedia to block the community-edited online encyclopedia in all available languages, the BBC reports.

There may be a copy of Wikipedia somewhere on the moon.

China has now blocked the encyclopedic website, Wikipedia in all languages.

. After closely analyzing our internal traffic reports, we can confirm that Wikipedia is now blocked across all language versions.

The Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) has gathered data on China's Wikipedia block, concluding that "multiple language editions of Wikipedia have been blocked in China as of April 2019". "After closely analysing our internal traffic reports, we can confirm that Wikipedia is now blocked across all language versions", its statement, cited by several reports, reads.

Wikimedia said it had received "no notice" of the move.

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This DNS blocking even applied to Wikipedia sub-domains that didn't exist and China have used multiple layers of blocking for the sites, making it now impossible to circumvent the block according to the OONI researchers.

"Blocking access to all language versions of Wikipedia for internet users in China is just symbolic".

Charlie Smith, the pseudonym used by one of the co-founders of, says that the blanket ban may have something to do with translation tools, which allows readers to translate blocked content into Chinese.

'When one country, region, or culture can not join the global conversation on Wikipedia, the entire world is poorer, ' Lien adds.

The ban came ahead of the 30th anniversary, on June 4, of deadly protests in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. "It symbolises the fear that the Chinese authorities have of the truth".

Later this year, China will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

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