Huawei: 90 days temporary license means nothing to us

Darnell Taylor
May 22, 2019

Frozen business ties with Google are expected to hit Huawei particularly hard.

Just a couple of days after Huawei found its way onto a US government trade ban list, the telecommunications giant has been given a 90-day reprieve.

The new authorization is meant to give telecommunications operators that rely on Huawei equipment time to make other arrangements, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said in a statement on May 20.

The founder of Chinese technology company Huawei said the United States' restriction on sales will have little effect on the company.

CNET's understanding is that Huawei has no immediate plans to launch its own OS, and that the company is looking at launching one only if Android is permanently removed as an option for its smartphone customers.

Prior to this, rumors were already floating around that Huawei is creating their own operating system called Kirin OS - named after their processors.

"We want to assure Huawei customers in Australia that the USA actions involving Google will not impact consumers with a Huawei smartphone or tablet or those that are planning to buy a Huawei device in the near future from an Australian retail outlet", he said.

Question: Will this affect the regular use of Huawei phones? reported Google's basic services would still function on the Android operating system used in Huawei's smartphones, and existing smartphone owners wouldn't lose access to its Google Play app store or security features. Huawei doesn't have a large presence in USA telecom, but some carriers in rural states like Wyoming and OR have adopted Huawei equipment. We are ready, but we are very grateful to American companies.

Huawei trade ban delayed by 90 days
Shares of Google-owner Alphabet dropped 2 per cent after the search engine said it would suspend Android services for Huawei. Attacking Apple might be politically awkward for Chinese leaders who have accused Washington of mistreating Huawei.

While Trump's emergency order last week did not mention China or Huawei by name, it clearly targets both, giving the Secretary of Commerce the right to block any activity posing an "unacceptable risk to the national security of the United States or the security and safety of United States persons".

USA prosecutors in January indicted Huawei on 10 counts including trade theft, fraud and obstruction of justice.

It is a possibility for which the Shenzhen-based firm, the world's second-largest smartphone maker by sales, has been preparing for years - reportedly since 2012 - by building an operating system of its own.

Apple shares listed on NASDAQ have fallen more than 3% since Monday.

And if the ban is not lifted, it could also run into trouble when the next version of Android is rolled out, because Huawei would not have the kind of access enjoyed by its rivals such as Samsung.

On Monday, the US Commerce Department issued a 90-day reprieve on the transfer of technology to give Huawei a temporary licence to buy US-made goods in order to maintain existing networks and provide software updates to existing phones.

"We hope to work with the administration to broaden the scope of the license", he said, so that it advances USA security goals but does not undermine the industry's ability to compete globally and remain technology leaders.

The battle over Huawei reflects the ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China. "In Australia access to Stan is an app download from the Google Play store".

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