Meet Alexa Guard, the smartest house guard by Amazon

Alonzo Simpson
May 17, 2019

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Smart home security is a really lucrative market but it looks like Amazon is getting ahead of the curve by rolling out a bunch of advanced home security features enabled by Alexa and available on Echo devices - for free. Tap the menu (three bars in the top left). 3.

Scroll down and select the Guard option.

From here you'll be asked what tasks you'd like Guard to perform.

Amazon's Alexa Guard include is now taking off in the U.S., following a welcome just see that kept going a couple of months.

How does Alexa Guard work? Keep in mind that you'll need to say "Alexa, I'm leaving" each time you want to activate Guard mode.

When enabled, Guard has the Echo listen out for sounds of breaking glass or smoke/CO2 alarms, and will notify you if it detects anything. The truly courageous can even drop in on your Echo to remotely investigate.

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TechCrunch reports that Amazon worked with licensed contractors to break hundreds of different glass windows using different objects in order to create a wide range of different sounds for Alexa to listen for.

When enabled, Guard initiates what Amazon calls Smart Alerts. It was previously available to users in the USA through an invite system, in preview form, and is now being rolled out as a free update to everyone with an Echo smart speaker.

In addition to the ability to send the same information to your professional monitoring service if you're into that sort of thing (Ring or ADT can both field Smart Alerts from Alexa Guard), you can also check on the event yourself.

Yes. Alexa Guard can be set up to work with your existing home security system. Customers can use their voices to arm and disarm their Ring, ADT Pulse, and ADT Control security systems. It's also important to note that Guard can not contact emergency services, such as the police or fire department, and the service as a whole goes down if there is an internet or power outage-it's a cloud based service.

What are your thoughts on Alexa Guard?

It's already live in the US.

When will Alexa Guard be available?

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