Samsung brings improvements to the flawed Galaxy Fold: Here's how

Alonzo Simpson
May 18, 2019

If you're switching from another carrier, you can also get a $200 prepaid Mastercard with the purchase of an S10 5G and an unlimited plan. The video shows the S10 5G shooting up to 1098 Mbps download speed on a device that is available on a commercial wireless network.

That minor tweak - along with a reported reduction in the size of a hinge on the folding phone - is expected to resolve glitches that have delayed Galaxy Fold's launch since April, the Korean news agency wrote, citing industry sources.

Now, five weeks later and with the Galaxy S10 5G in hand, we've gotten speeds that made the Verizon engineers on hand from NY visibly excited. George stated in his tweet, "This is 5G on the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S10 5G in front of my hotel".

Tesla Model 3 that crashed in Florida had Autopilot active, NTSB finds
Neither Brown nor the auto braked for a tractor-trailer, which had turned left in front of the Tesla and was crossing its path. Tesla also said it's saddened by the crash and that drivers have traveled more than 1 billion miles while using autopilot.

Following numerous reports from reviewers that flaws in the new Galaxy Fold caused them to inadvertently destroy the phone, Samsung now appears to have tweaked the design to prevent future mishaps.

We were also able to download Fortnite in 2 minutes and 55 seconds and Asphalt 9: Legends in 2 minutes and 23 seconds on the Galaxy S10 5G. 30 cities should have 5G before 2020. The phone will be made available in the US exclusively to Verizon customers for a unknown period before rolling out to the other carriers. There are a few approaches carriers are using to roll out 5G, but millimetre wave (Ultra-Wideband) is a most common approach that is used by carriers (Verizon and AT&T), which gives super-fast speeds and low latency, but it has poor penetration and low rang. That's why I think, 4G LTE is not going anywhere anytime soon.

In other words, the pull from our 5G device and direct line of sight of the 5G node was important, but so is the push from Google, Netflix and other content providers. But it is said that India might get the 5G network sometime in 2021.

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