Facebook Now Wants To Pay You For Your Data

Darnell Taylor
June 13, 2019

Facebook promises - for what that's worth - that "we don't collect user IDs, passwords or content people share, including messages" and "we don't sell data from this app to third parties or use it to target ads to you". You'll need to register for the program, after which Facebook will send you a link to its app on Google Play if you're selected to participate.

The app is only available in the United States and India now, but we'd be very surprised if the company doesn't release it everyone else - personal data is personal data after all, and Facebook is hungry for as much as it can get. This app will keep track of the apps installed on a user's smartphone and the time they spent on using these apps, their country and all the additional app data.

The app will initially be available to people in the United States and India, and will be expanded to other countries over time. Those who use the study app will be given money for providing to the research. The information collected from the scheme will be used to build better products for the Facebook community.

Facebook has been under intense scrutiny over its data practices following a number of high-profile data privacy incidents in recent years, including the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which up to 87 million people are believed to have had their data harvested by the political consultancy via a personality quiz app.

"Approaching market research in a responsible way is important".

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Facebook said it will use the information it collects to help develop its own products.

However, Facebook said it could share the fact that a user is participating in the program with "authorized partners" and that it also could share aggregate data with third parties.

No word yet on how much users will be paid.

Facebook said it had been clear on the app's nature, but Apple said it had violated its policies and briefly revoked Facebook's enterprise certificates, which blocked the social network's access to the software used to create and test internal company apps. As they sign up, people will see a description of how the app works and what information they'll be sharing with us so they can confirm they want to participate.

"We did not review all of the data to determine whether it contained health or financial data", a Facebook spokesperson said. Facebook is working to appear more transparent about its quests for user data with Study, though the service is not offered through Apple, which bans the collection of "information about which other apps are installed on a user's device for the purposes of analytics or advertising/marketing". The rest of the collected data came from users in India.

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