How MPs turned down their latest chance to help avoid no deal

Darnell Taylor
June 14, 2019

The chancellor wrote to the leadership hopefuls on Thursday asking them to maintain the current limit of the deficit at 2% of GDP "at least through 2021-22", as he sought to block a tax and spend arms race.

Former Prime Minister Sir John Major has hit out at Tory leadership candidates who have suggested they could suspend, or even prorogue Parliament in order to pass a no deal Brexit.

Labour described the defeat as "disappointing" and said it would not stop trying to block a no deal.

He said "delaying this does not stop no-deal being the ultimate default end point, what it does it put it further into the future".

The vote, however, did show that the disapproval of a no-deal Brexit runs across party lines in certain cases as 10 Tory MPs backed Labor's motion.

"Even if it means my resigning the whip and leaving the party, I will not allow this country to be taken out of the European Union on a no deal Brexit without the approval of this House and, in my view, going back to the country and asking that if that is what they want".

Johnson has said Britain should be prepared to leave the European Union without a deal on October 31 and that withholding the almost 50 billion euros ($56 billion) that May a year ago agreed to pay the European Union could help Britain get a better deal.

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"There will be other procedural mechanisms we can use", shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer said.

"Any Tory leadership candidate should know that Parliament will continue to fight against no deal". Before I could serve in any government I would want to look at the policies that the prime minister was setting out.

Lawmakers in all the opposition parties, and some in the Conservatives, fear that a no-deal could inflict serious economic and political damage on Britain, and have vowed to find a way to try to prevent it.

Hammond, who sought assurances after becoming alarmed by the spending promises being made by Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab, disclosed that he had received private commitments from two campaigns.

There has been very limited financial support for small businesses to prepare from central government, despite repeated calls from the IoD for Brexit planning vouchers to help SMEs get the professional help they need for complex trade and legal issues.

The motion, however, did not set out the details of any such legislation nor would it prevent the government from introducing a Brexit deal to parliament.

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