Huawei Trademarks Its HongMeng Mobile OS In Malaysia

Darnell Taylor
June 14, 2019

The blacklisting, set to take effect after a 90-day reprieve, would require United States companies to ask the government's permission before doing business with Huawei.

China's Huawei is in the process of potentially launching its "Hongmeng" operating system (OS) to replace the US Android OS, an executive said on Thursday, after Reuters reported that the company has applied to trademark the OS in various countries. While that's understandable, it looks like the company is going aggressive as they have requested on trademarking HongMeng name in various countries.

It's a direct result of what Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei's consumer division, said earlier this year was the backup OS the company has been prepping for just such a turn of events like this, apparently long ago envisioning a day when it would need to wean itself off a reliance on U.S. companies.

Now, a new report from Chinese newspaper Global Times, suggests that Huawei is not only ready to launch HongMeng OS soon, but it's already being tested by major Chinese technology companies including Tencent, Xiaomi, and Oppo.

Huawei is working furiously to get its homemade operating system, Hongmeng, off the ground. The software is said to be compatible with all Android apps. The number also doesn't mean anything outside of the right context, as we don't know exactly what version or fork of Android was tested and what kind of tests were performed.

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The company has denied its products pose a security threat. According to the company, it has around 270 million monthly active users on its self-operated AppGallery platform.

Now, two reports show how Huawei is busily preparing the Android replacement operating system, which it is reportedly calling Hongmeng. However, the world's second-largest maker of smartphones has not yet revealed details about its OS.

For the initial stages, Huawei is said to focus mainly on the budget smartphone segment with its own OS. Huawei is already thought to have received trademark clearance in China.

Furthermore, Huawei claims that, despite its efforts, Federal Commissioners have refused to meet with company representatives in order to explain the accusations of threatening national security, and the Chinese company is "therefore handicapped to respond".

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