Luigi Mansion 3 Gameplay Features a Large Hotel Structure and Multiplayer

Alonzo Simpson
June 13, 2019

The game's still scheduled to launch in 2019, although we're still waiting on a solid date. You can even play the main story with two people co-op. Aptly named "ScareScraper", up to eight players can play together either via local wireless - on four separate Switch consoles - or via online.

The game development focus in Luigi's Mansion 3 seems clear: Give players more ways to interact with the ghosts and environment around them. This was incorrect and the mode was actually introduced in the previous entry in the series, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

Luigi's new tool this time around is the Poltergust G-00, which adds some more functionality to Luigi's trusty vacuum-weapon.

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With E3 2019 underway, Nintendo wasn't going to let fans down as they had revealed some glorious gameplay for Luigi's Mansion 3. Luigi's doppelganger can walk on spikes, walk through bars, and do a few other tricks that Luigi can't do, but the minute he steps on water he dissolves. This slime clone can pass through fences or nails, hitting places where the player would otherwise not be able to reach. You'll need to switch between using either character to make it through the hotel and reach every item.

Returning is multiplayer from the 3DS game. This can be done locally through co-op or via online multiplayer. This is a slimy version of Luigi that he can evoke himself. Since the New Mario Maker 2 game doesn't feature amiibo support, it's also possible that this game won't either.

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