AT&T to offer automatic robocall blocking feature at no extra charge

Darnell Taylor
July 11, 2019

New customers will have this feature enabled by AT&T automatically while existing customers can expect to receive the new automatic blocking feature in the "coming months".

This work comes amid growing a uproar from the federal government and customers over spam calls.

AT&T's service will attempt to warn customers if a call may be spam and block any seemingly fraudulent calls.

This expansion of our AT&T Call Protect service is made possible by a June ruling at the FCC. Those customers will be notified by text when the service is active.

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Great news for new and existing AT&T customers, as the United States carrier has just announced its Call Protect service will be "upgraded" to include the ability to automatically block fraud calls and suspected spam-call alerts. More than 4.3 billion robocalls, both legal and illegal, were placed last month, according to industry data. "It clarifies that call-blocking tools may be offered by phone service providers on an "opt out" basis", said AT&T in a statement.

Spam calls can not only be irritating, but often they are illegal scams.

On July 9, AT&T announced that it will bring automatic fraud call blocking as well as suspected spam call alerts to all of its mobile customers for free.

For customers who are exhausted of these calls and don't want to wait to get access to the new blocking protection, AT&T says downloading the AT&T Call Protect app will offer this same benefit. Alternatively, customers can sign into myAT&T and enable fraud call blocking in their account settings. AT&T's Call Protect website says further that "Suspected spam may include service messages and/or other permitted calls". Verizon's Call Filter service must also be activated before users can find out if a call is likely coming from a spammer. Sprint offers a Premium Caller ID service, but it costs $2.99 extra. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said they were working to "stop the scourge of illegal robocalls".

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