AWS Introduces Braket: Its Quantum Computing Service

Alonzo Simpson
December 4, 2019

Verizon's chief executive Hans Vestberg said: "We are first in the world to launch Mobile Edge Compute - deeply integrating Verizon's 5G Edge platform with Wavelength to allow developers to build new categories of applications and network cloud experiences built in ways we can't even imagine yet".

Amazon Web Services is developing the AWS Center for Quantum Computing which will bring quantum experts from Amazon and academia together to work on researching and developing new quantum computing technologies and applications to solve real world problems. "The future has arrived and you now have the opportunity to write quantum algorithms and to run them on actual quantum computers", wrote Jeff Barr in an AWS announcement. The company has now bumped up the Inc. subsidiary's status to "preferred cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning provider", a move that will entail the company building several new AI projects on AWS.

"But today, it's hard for customers to engage with quantum computers, particularly if they want to evaluate different early stage technologies, each with their own development, simulation, and test environments". They can use tools familiar tools such as the Jupyter Notebooks open-source web application and assess quantum technologies that initially include quantum annealing from D-Wave, ion trap devices from IonQ and Rigetti's latest quantum processors based on 32-qubit superconducting chip technology. It takes its name from Bra-ket notation, which is commonly used to denote quantum mechanical states. "And with our AWS Center for Quantum Computing and academic partnerships, we join the effort across the scientific and industrial communities to help accelerate the promise of quantum computing". "They will not be used in isolation, but will be an important part of a hybrid classical/quantum solution". The company announced in parallel, the creation of the "AWS Center for Quantum Computing", a research laboratory located close to Caltech, the California Institute of Technology.

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Like Microsoft, Braket provides Quantum hardware from a number of partners.

The Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, meanwhile, will give AWS customers access to quantum experts from Amazon.

Of course, quantum computing is a technically demanding field, and so Amazon notes that help is at hand in the form of the Quantum Solutions Lab.

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