Google Assistant now supports Google Keep and other notes/lists services

Alonzo Simpson
December 8, 2019

Earlier this morning Google announced a handful of updates coming to Google Assistant (such as new Dunkin' Donuts ordering), all of which are starting to roll out today to users across platforms. Google's here to help with some of that with the Google Assitant and its new feature - notes and lists. It may seem unusual that until this moment the support was not available, but it is. At the moment it seems that it is only available in the English language.

What's new with Google Assistant?

One of the most interesting is the shopping list. These notes and lists just haven't been very well integrated in any other services, such as Google Keep. The bad news is that it is an online list that can not be consulted from the application, but from a web address.

Google just added a handful of voice control features to Google Assistant.

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The Google Assistant's 2017 integration with Google Express (now called Google Shopping) was a mess. Shopping lists, holiday gift lists, a list of who is naughty and nice-It seems like you can pick any arbitrary name you want and the Google Assistant will create it and add to it. You will have to do some configuring. You can then ask the Assistant on Android to "share these photos with [x]" for a feature which is somewhat reminiscent of the Pixel 4's new Assistant.

Google is pushing out more updates for Google Assistant, this time around note taking: the Assistant is adding better support for creating lists and notes, and will more closely integrate with third-party apps as well. The result will be present in the Google Keep application,, etc. Interestingly, support for Todoist was mentioned in previous announcements, but is now missing. As we say, it seems that it will be available only in the English language for the moment. For example, you can ask the Google Assistant to find a podcast on Christmas/holiday cooking or to find shows relating to New Years resolutions.

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