Boeing Latest Jet Has Lifted Off for the First Time

Darnell Taylor
January 28, 2020

The weather conditions had already twice delayed the first take-off of the aircraft, which has blue and white company colors and is decorated with the name Boeing.

Boeing's big 777X took off on Saturday at 10.09am and headed northward through low clouds on a first flight that lasted almost four hours.

Emirates, which has a mix of orders for both 777-9 and 777-9 for a total of 126 airplanes, is a launch customer of the new aircraft and expected to take delivery of the first 777-9 by early next year.

The world's longest and largest twin-engine airliner, the Boeing 777X completed its first test flight on 25th January 2020. It is created to carry 425 passengers and is 252-foot long.

Passengers will also enjoy a wide, spacious cabin, large overhead bins that close easily for convenient access to their belongings, larger windows for a view from every seat, better cabin altitude and humidity, less noise and a smoother ride.

The Boeing 777X is a lengthened and modernised version of the legacy Boeing 777 which first flew in 1994.

If the test flights go well, Boeing will officially request approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Each generating 105,000 pounds of thrust, the 3.4-metre-diameter GE9X is the largest turbofan engine ever created and was specifically designed for the 777X.

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The main aim of Boeing is still to fix, certify and then restore confidence in the Boeing 737 MAX series.

To optimize the new design's aerodynamic efficiency, the 777X is fitted with an advanced carbon fibre composite wing, with a huge wingspan of nearly 72 metres - and the wing has a trick up its sleeve. The folding tips give an extra 20 feet of wingspan for greater fuel efficiency at altitude but allow the aircraft to use existing airport maneuvering surfaces and gates.

With carbon wings joined to a conventional metal fuselage, the 777X was a new engineering challenge for Boeing.

Boeing said it expects to deliver the first 777X aircraft in 2021 after receiving orders from the world's leading air carriers, including Japan's All Nippon Airways, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways headquartered in China's Hong Kong, and Singapore Airlines.

Today's achievement will bring a sigh of relief to many within the company hierarchy after what had been arguably one of the worst years in Boeing history.

The efficiencies gained by a larger wing and a more powerful engine will result in a range of approximately 8,730 nautical miles for the 777-8 and 7,285 nm for the bigger 777-9.

Boeing's 737 Max single-aisle jetliners have been grounded since March after the second of two crashes, which together killed 346 people.

"Capt. Chaney and Boeing Chief Pilot Craig Bomben worked through a detailed test plan to exercise the airplane's systems and structures while the test team in Seattle monitored the data in real time".

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