David Beckham Explains Why He Fell in Love With Victoria Beckham

Lula Sharp
February 27, 2020

Victoria Beckham, on the other hand, co-owns Beckham Brand Holdings alongside her husband David and her former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller.

Admitting his wife had "obviously" been his favourite Spice Girl, Beckham shared of her first visit: "I didn't get to talk to her that day, but then the week after, she came back up to Manchester to watch another game".

Jimmy Fallon asked the footballer who his favourite Spice Girl was: "She was obviously my favourite, might be a bit awkward if (she) wasn't".

The 44-year-old revealed to USA chat show host Jimmy Fallon how he met the Spice Girls singer at a Manchester United game in 1997, and how he eventually struck up the courage to speak to her after they "had a few drinks" in the players' lounge.

He then went on to reveal that Victoria travelled up to Manchester the following week, which is when they officially spoke for the first time.

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At some point, David was questioned by an off-camera voice about what made him fall in love with the Spice Girls singer in the first place, and his answer is the best! "I'll try and get her number, '" David recalled.

"We talked for about an hour in the players' lounge".

Beckham revealed he has kept the train ticket with Victoria's number on it. "I just fell in love with it". "It was everything. You know, the whole package", Beckham said.

The two tied the knot in July of 1999 and twenty years later, they are clearly still as in love as ever!

While the retired sportsman was sharing sweet stories on TV, Victoria took to Instagram to upload an old video of the pair of them talking about Beckham's career.

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