Firefox to add DOH privacy tech to Mozilla as default

Alonzo Simpson
February 27, 2020

While this feature is default in the US, Mozilla is making it available to internet users outside of the region too (shown in image below).

Although the new standard can't stop data mining, it does make it harder to collect the users' information.

When it introduced that it might be turning on DoH by default previous year, Mozilla mentioned that it might permit for opt-in parental controls and disable DoH if Firefox detects them.

As with most security and privacy-related features, not everyone is a fan of DNS over HTTPS. This allow others to see what websites a person has been visiting, even when the communication with the website itself is encrypted using HTTPS.

Firefox just gave every user in America a major privacy boost
Mozilla is enabling encrypted DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) by default for US Firefox users

Mozilla's Firefox browser on Tuesday began encrypting domain names by default for U.S. users. Exclusively sure elements of the DNS lookup course of are encrypted, and web service suppliers will nonetheless be capable to see which IP addresses their customers are connecting to, they warn. "The rollout will continue over the next few weeks to confirm no major issues are discovered as this new protocol is enabled for Firefox's US-based users". Because of the way insecure DNS works, "lookups" of servers done by your computer when connected to the internet are vulnerable to malicious agents.

Enable DNS over HTTPS by clicking. What this essentially means is that the browsing company is looking at measures to prevent third parties to go through your browsing history to deliver targeted ads or access personal data.

If you live outside the USA, you can enable the feature by visiting Firefox's settings menu and toggling the appropriate option. The overall controversy of the encryption change will only affect US-based Mozilla users. Thus, Mozilla says Firefox will provide a selection of two trusted DNS suppliers, Cloudflare and NextDNS, and that Cloudflare will likely be used because the default. "DoH is just one of the many privacy protections you can expect to see from us in 2020", the blog post concludes.

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