Huawei attacks US Government and Wall Street Journal credibility

Alonzo Simpson
February 14, 2020

A senior White House official has said that Chinese company Huawei builds secret back doors into its hardware that allow it to covertly access mobile-phone networks around the world.

USA national security officials say they have proof that the Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei Technologies Co.

The new U.S. statements come after a surprise decision from the United Kingdom to allow Huawei to supply non-core equipment to the country's networks.

The Wall Street Journal also states that "according to legal requirements, telecommunication network equipment manufacturers need to leave a backdoor in hardware for the authorities to access the network for legitimate purposes", but "equipment manufacturers can not access telecommunications without the consent of the operator".

"The United States shouldn't be sharing valuable intelligence information with countries that allow an intelligence-gathering arm of the Chinese Communist Party to operate freely within their borders", Cotton wrote. This reflects The Wall Street Journal's bias against Huawei and undermines its credibility.

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The Chinese company Huawei can secretly tap into communications through the networking equipment it sells globally, a United States official charged as the White House stepped up efforts to persuade allies to ban the gear from next-generation cellular networks. The Chinese telecom manufacturer would be abused by China to spy on the West. Huawei denies the allegations. This statement is extremely significant in understanding what Huawei equipment can and cannot do. The second claim is that network access without operator permission can happen (though it is implausible) but that any such access would be discovered. We do not have the capability to bypass providers, gain access to control, and take information from their networks without being discovered by all typical firewall programs or security systems. "We are obligated to follow industry-wide lawful interception standards like 3GPP's TS 33.107 standard for 3G networks, and TS 33.128 for 5G". The "interception interfaces are always located in protected premises on the operator's side", and are administered and utilized "solely by carriers and regulators", Huawei stated.

In ConsumerAffairs' research on the who, what, and where of this case, we found a multitude of telcos that use Huawei equipment.

"Why are so many smaller USA wireless companies working with Huawei, even after a 2012 government report warned that equipment from Huawei and ZTE could be used by the Chinese government for espionage?" asked FierceWireless' Tom Dano. They also refused to consider whether the USA has evidence that Huawei has granted itself access to an American telecom network through this route.

On Tuesday, China denied involvement in any hacking activities after the USA accused four members of the Chinese military of an unprecedented hack stealing the data of tens of millions of Americans.

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