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Laverne Higgins
February 15, 2020

The infected woman developed symptoms after arriving in the United Kingdom from China several days ago. She is believed to be a Chinese national who was living in the capital, The Guardian reported.

Stephanie Adlan, 28, said she was "terrified" for eight-month-old James and has self-isolated with her family but criticised medics at the hospital for a lack of information.

The victim had travelled from China and was diagnosed at a hospital overnight, a government source revealed to media.

Earlier this week, the British authorities declared that the coronavirus was a "severe and imminent" menace to public well being.

Coronavirus first originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December past year and has killed more than 1,300 people in that country alone.

The news comes after a British man who unwittingly spread the deadly coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, to at least 11 people across three countries has been released from the hospital.

Mr Walsh contracted coronavirus on a business trip to Singapore and unknowingly passed it on to 11 other people - five of whom then returned to the UK.

He was diagnosed on February 6.

"I'm happy to be home and feeling well", he said in a statement, according to Yahoo.

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She added: 'I'm feeling completely well but to be extra-cautious I'm cancelling my public engagements until 20 February.

Before being discharged, Walsh was given two tests for the virus, with both coming back negative, indicating he had fully recovered from the illness.

But travel health and tropical disease expert, Dr Richard Dawood, of The Fleet Street Clinic, warned there is one particularly "dangerous" feature of Coronavirus that people should be most concerned about is how easily the disease can spread.

"We don't yet know how easily it spreads from people who do not yet feel unwell or know they have been infected: if it turns out to spread easily, that could perhaps be its most risky feature".

However, the pace of new infections seems to be slowing.

The woman was then sent home pending the results of her tests.

Fear over the coronavirus caused mass amounts of people in the U.K.to get themselves tested.

Cases of the virus spreading from one person to another outside of China remain limited so the risk COVID-19, the official name for the virus, poses to the public is low.

In parts of China, where the virus originated and has struck the hardest with more than 1,300 deaths, ride-sharing apps, like Uber rival Didi, are completely suspended or severely limited.

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