Canadians targeted by scams taking advantage of COVID-19 fears

Nellie Chapman
March 26, 2020

If the USA does put troops along the Canadian border, it would be a significant departure from the traditionally friendly relations between Canada and its southern neighbour.

"There appears to be a text scam going around on the new emergency response benefit", he said during a press briefing outside his Ottawa home.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled a new financial support program Wednesday to help workers affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The bill allows the federal government up to $52 billion in funds to directly help Canadians, including a repackaged aid program for workers who can't work for nearly any reason connected to the virus.

The newly merged fund will provide people who are not receiving a paycheque during the pandemic with $2,000 each month for up to four months.

Trudeau said the emergency benefit application portal will launch soon and Canadians will see money in their wallets within 14 days of applying, while other boosts and top-up measures are not expected to flow until May. "And we have said 'We really don't think is the right way to treat a trusted friend and military ally'".

Positive COVID-19 Cases Rise to 11
When private labs conduct the testing, they are notifying the patient and the county health department, he added. The health department said it could not provide any additional information because of federal privacy laws.

In a broadcast on the COVID-19 issue and the Canadian government's response, Trudeau said the administration is doing everything it can to support its citizens.

Asked to explain why Canada made a decision to send these supplies overseas, Trudeau stated that the novel coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic, and a global response is needed.

"Some people have not been taking this seriously", Trudeau said, citing examples of snowbirds stopping at grocery stores on their return to Canada.

Canada and the USA mutually agreed to shut down the border to all but essential traffic one week ago to prevent the spread of COVID-19 between the two countries.

That Canada Emergency Response Benefit will offer $2,000 a month in direct support through the Canada Revenue Agency, and is the main reason the cost of direct COVID-19 aid almost doubled from an estimated $27 billion last week to $52 billion now.

According to Trudeau, up to 1 million citizens have applied for employment insurance, showing the disastrous effects of virus-related shutdowns.

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