Blac Chyna Reveals Who Is the Better Lover: Rob Kardashian or Tyga

Lula Sharp
May 18, 2019

Did Chyna date Kardashian in the first place just to get back at the Kardashian/Jenner family?

In a brand new interview, Blac Chyna made a pretty personal confession about her love life! "Then also, sometimes things just kind of like spread you different ways, and I guess maybe that's kind of what was going on". I didn't feel sorry for him, I wanted him to see his worth, ' she said.

As the discussion moves to Rob once again, Chyna insists the pair had a real connection straight away, explaining how they started talking on Instagram after her split from Tyga. reports that Blac Chyna will star in a new docu-series, The Real Blac Chyna, coming this summer to Zeus Network, an influencer-driven subscription VOD service. I'm so happy she's clarifying who she really is!

Prior to her split with Tyga, Chyna was close friends with Kim Kardashian.

In 2016, she started dating Rob with whom she shares 2 year old Dream. The way it went about publicly wasn't right. I went larger, larger, then I went smaller.

She also claimed The Bloom Firm's actions constituted "professional misconduct" and because Bloom dropped her as a client she waives her right to attorney fees.

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'Can I choose neither?' Chyna laughed, 'A better lover?

'I [had] seen it and it was already everywhere publicly, ' the mother-of-two replied, referring the birthday bash.

Unusual: Wendy probed, telling Chyna 'A 23-year-old throwing a sweet sixteen party is not unusual, ' with a shrug before asking, 'But how did you know that they were dating?'

Chyna first met Tyga, 29, when she featured in the music video for his hit single "Rack City" back in 2011.

When host Wendy Williams asks when the two became sexually active, she says it was "kind of fast", and shares it was on the fifth night.

It was when Tyga and Kylie went official that her relationship with former pals the Kardashians turned sour.

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