Google Maps will now let you report speed traps on iPhone

Alonzo Simpson
October 19, 2019

To report any of the above incidents, users will be able to simply tap on the "+" sign and then choose "Add a report", as seen in the GIF below. And now the former is getting features similar to that for its Android app (and the other one too).

Android Maps users are now able to report incidents like traffic congestion, accidents, mobile speed cameras and roadworks.

First, You can now report crashes, speed traps and traffic slowdowns right from your iPhone. What the latter doesn't do, however, is make a game out of reporting: in Waze, drivers are given points for however many incidents they file.

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The incident report system on iOS will function in the same way as on Android devices. Now, they share even more features, especially those concerning traffic. The update relates to reporting driving incidents and will allow iPhone users to finally communicate driving events like speed traps and crashes from within the application. Adding a report is also pretty easy. You could also view nearby gas prices so you could be guided as to where it is cheapest to gas up.

Google is very committed to improving the experience with Google Maps on all platforms where the app is available, and next in queue is iOS.

All of these categories have been available for some time in Google's other navigation app, Waze. Hopefully for Google, this is something that will bring more people to it.

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