Trump mocked and criticized by ex-military leaders including Mattis

Nellie Chapman
October 18, 2019

President Trump fired him (after he submitted his resignation) and earlier this week reportedly called him "the world's most overrated general", but former Defense Secretary James Mattis had a few barbs of his own to sling in a speech he gave in NY on Thursday.

General Mattis made the joking remarks at a white-tie gala in NY just one day after Trump demeaned him as "the world's most overrated general" during a contentious White House meeting with members of Congress. Because he also called Meryl Streep an overrated actress.

"So I guess I'm the Meryl Streep of generals", Mattis joked, "and frankly that sounds pretty good to me".

"I earned my spurs on the battlefield, Trump earned his spurs in a letter from a doctor, so I'm not in the least put out by [Trump's insult]", Mattis continued. Schumer reportedly read a quote from Mattis's Sunday appearance on "Meet the Press", where he criticized Trump's decision to pull USA troops from northern Syria.

I mean, I'm not just an overrated general.

One of the general's most biting jokes came in relation to Trump's infamous deferment of military service in Vietnam over alleged bone spurs in his feet.

Mattis, who has been critical of many of Trump's foreign policy decisions since leaving office, also got serious for a moment Thursday, mentioning the U.S.'s Kurdish allies in Syria.

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Former Defense Secretary James Mattis roasted his old boss President Donald Trump on Thursday, saying that he is not just an overrated general but the greatest overrated general.

Mattis later referred to himself as his nickname, "Mad Dog", saying that he has "turned over a kinder, gentler leaf" and now likes to think of himself as "less of a mad dog and more of an emotional support animal".

The Alfred E. Smith dinner was hosted by Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Martin Short.

The Al Smith Dinner is named for Alfred E. Smith, who served as New York's governor from 1923 to 1928 and was the Democratic presidential nominee in 1928, losing to Republican Herbet Hoover of California.

During a speech Thursday night in New York City the retired 4-star marine general took it in stride.

PHOTO: President Donald Trump pauses while speaking as James Mattis, Secretary of Defense, listens during a Cabinet meeting at the White House in Washington, June 21, 2018.

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