AMD unveils its next-gen Threadripper CPUs with up to 32 cores

Darnell Taylor
November 7, 2019

They also say you're getting more performance per watt, too - up to 2.34x compared to Intel's i9-9920K, according to AMD's test figures, potentially making it a better fit for more energy conscious overclockers.

Finally, AMD announced a new addition to its Athlon line of processors, the AMD Athlon 3000G. Indeed, AMD reckon the 3950X will offer up to 79% better multi-core performance in the Cinebench R20 benchmark compared with the i9-9900K, and up to 42% more performance in Adobe Premiere.

So what exactly does the Ryzen 9 3950X do to justify such an extortionate price? It will be available on the shelves on 25th November. The APU comes with an integrated Radeon Vega 3 GPU and has a TDP of 35W. The same goes for the productivity software as well, as the chipset outperforms its closest competitor - the Intel Pentium G5400 in nearly every software.

The chipset is also overclockable to 3.9GHz, which further improves the CPU performance.

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Part of the AMD Ryzen 9 Threadripper desktop processors family, the AMD Ryzen 9 3950X CPU is here as world's most powerful 16-core desktop processor, delivering unparalleled gaming and 3D performances that AMD claims to even outperform Intel's Core i9-9920X desktop processor with up to 2.34 times more performance per watt.

The AMD Athlon 3000G will be hitting the shelves globally from 19 November onwards.

AMD said the two new Threadripper processors provide a performance boost of anywhere from 24 percent to 90 percent in various benchmarks over Intel's current-generation Core i9-9980XE, which will be refreshed with the forthcoming Core i9-10980XE later this month. This new Ryzen model is a 24-core processor that has a base clock speed of 3.8 GHz and a turbo clock speed of 4.5GHz.

Next, AMD pulled the sheet off its latest HEDT (high-end desktop) Threadripper processors, the 24-core, 48-thread 3.8GHz base/4.5GHz boost clock Threadripper 3960X and 32-core, 64-thread 3.7GHz base/4.5GHz boost clock Threadripper 3970X. These chipsets are compatible with the sTRX socket for scalability. Now, we have all of the final details, with the TR 3960X and TR 3970X being announced alongside the new TRX40 platform. This, though, provides support for 88 PCIe 4.0 lanes enabling more devices to be connected to the motherboard without causing bottlenecks. It can handle up to 4x SATA connections with 6Gbps and is also capable of NVMe RAID.

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