US Navy could remove Edward Gallagher from SEALs over war crimes

Nellie Chapman
November 22, 2019

"Get back to business!" the president said in a tweet.

After news of the Navy's review of Gallagher's SEAL status broke Tuesday, Parlatore told CNN that Trump's decision to restore Gallagher's rank meant that any additional punishments would go against the President's intent. Trump said in his tweet.

The Navy had threatened to take away Eddie Gallagher's trident pin, which symbolizes membership in the SEAL force.

The president's latest intervention in the war crimes case against Gallagher, 40, came almost a week after Trump ordered the Navy to reverse the demotion in rank and pay grade imposed on Gallagher as his court-martial sentence. Gallagher can appear once before the board on December 4 but without his lawyers.

About an hour ahead of Trump's tweet, Gallagher's attorney, Timothy Parlatore, seemed on Fox Recordsdata the build he slammed the Navy's management, specifically Rear Adm. Collin Inexperienced, the commander of Naval Special Warfare Instruct who had ordered the review board.

His attorney, Jeremiah Sullivan said Trump recognizes "the honorable sacrifices that my client has made in his combat deployments", and that Green is challenging the "integrity of the president". However, last week Trump restored Gallagher back to his rank and at the same time absolved two officers of war crimes committed in Afghanistan. Defense Secretary Mark Esper and other senior military leaders also told Trump that a presidential pardon could potentially damage the integrity of the military judicial system, and undermine discipline within the ranks. Green's decision is likely to set up a formal clash between the Navy's high command and the 45th president.

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He known as Inexperienced's actions "out of bounds", pronouncing that his ordering of the review "crossed a primarily unhealthy line, having our uniformed flag officers being straight defiant of our Commander in Chief".

Gallagher had faced a court-martial for premeditated murder and attempted murder but was acquitted.

Gallagher filed a complaint with the inspector general accusing a rear admiral of insubordination for defying Trump's actions.

Administrative reviews are typical after cases involving lack of confidence in a service member or if for some reason that service member might not be fit to serve.

Since 2011, more than 150 evaluations in finding resulted in sailors losing their build as SEALS or particular war personnel.

They indicated a review board was formed Wednesday to determine whether Green and three of his superiors would be allowed to remain in the special forces unit.

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