Bernie Sanders unveils his plan to bring everyone high-speed internet

Alonzo Simpson
December 7, 2019

This includes requiring ISPs to offer customers a "Basic Internet Plan" at an affordable price that would still supply fast internet speeds.

The plan Sanders has drawn up involves antitrust authorities taking action to dismantle the "internet service provider and cable monopolies" that are now in play in the United States and would see the reinstatement of the net neutrality regulation that was repealed in June a year ago. He'd also attempt to have Congress codify those rules into law to prevent more see-sawing of the FCC rules.

Bernie Sanders' "High Speed Internet for All" proposal has consumers in mind as it condemns Comcast, AT&T and Verizon's tendencies to use the internet as a "price gouging profit machine".

Sanders's plan also aims to bar service providers from providing content and moves to "unwind anticompetitve vertical conglomerates", an obvious threat to the combos of Comcast/NBCU and AT&T/WarnerMedia.

Sanders, a leading candidate in the crowded field seeking the Democratic nomination to take on Republican President Trump in the November 2020 election, said the funding would go toward infrastructure grants and technical assistance to local governments to build out publicly owned networks. This week, the FCC found that Verizon, T-Mobile, and US Cellular have been overstating their 4G LTE coverage in rural areas across the country.

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Sanders also wants to raise FCC's definition of broadband, which is now 25Mbit/s down and 3Mbit/s - he wants it to be 100Mbit/s down and 10Mbit/s up.

Citing successful programs in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Lafayette, Louisiana, Sanders heralds the idea of "municipality-owned, high-speed internet". We will take a greedy internet, telecommunications, and cable and end their monopoly prices reasonable measure, "Sanders said in a statement".

Sanders' plan also puts $7.5 billion toward providing high-speed broadband in Native American communities and would ensure that people living in public housing have access to free broadband.

Part of Sanders' wide-reaching investment involves making new broadband infrastructure resilient to natural disasters, allowing first responders to more efficiently do their job and keeping communities connected as they "deal with the worst climate emergencies". Bernie Sanders has been busy.

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