Deliveroo hits back after TV ad banned for misleading the public

Lula Sharp
December 4, 2019

A television advert for food service Deliveroo has been banned for misleading customers after it became one of the most complained-about commercials of the year.

The ASA received 300 complaints, the third highest of the year so far. It said this was reinforced when the lady jumps into the Deliveroo bag and disappears. Despite the level of discontent, the ASA still contends that it will not take further action.

The Deliveroo ad was also banned in September by ASA saying it was "misleading" its consumers which showed that the delivery was "unrestricted throughout the UK".

"The advert is clearly fantastical in nature, including a woman diving into a Deliveroo bag". They felt that the woman's ability to dive her entire body into the bag was enough to emphasise that the scenario portrayed was a fictional one, devised simply to highlight the diverse number of restaurants the app supports.

This recent advert was first aired back in September of this year, and the actress calls out the names of the different food outlets that her family has received meals from in her sole delivery.

But complainants said the advert did not specify that each restaurant would need a separate order and incur a delivery fee, with each meal then delivered separately.

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The amusing clip, which sees a mum walk into her house with a Deliveroo and take out endless different meals from different restaurants in the same bag has been reported over 300 times.

The on-screen text stated "Geographical restrictions apply". This is growing each day.

Deliveroo is, therefore, the most complained about ad that actually received an ad ban from the ASA.

The number one most complained about ad of 2019 is GoCompare's TV spot that saw its flamboyant leading man Gio Compario get behind the wheel.

Some 336 people said it trivialised auto crashes, but ASA did not consider the rules to be broken.

Having garnered 300 complaints, it has only been pipped to the post by a poster for Cheltenham Fireworks that featured a picture of a dog wearing ear defenders which prompted 317 complaints that it made light of the distress caused to some animals by fireworks.

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