Martin Scorsese urges people to not watch ‘The Irishman’ on a phone

Lula Sharp
December 4, 2019

This week, De Niro addressed the controversy in a brief interview with USA Today, and he defended Scorsese's choice to keep Paquin's character relatively silent.

Hollywood director Martin Scorsese has requested the viewers who are planning to watch his crime drama The Irishman on Netflix to not watch it on a mobile phone. "Maybe in other scenes there could've been some interaction between Frank and her possibly, but that's how it was done", he said. "She's terrific and it resonates". "I think sometimes a look is worth a thousand words and the internalized judgement that she has passed on her father is not something that she would be able to verbalize, not at that stage of her life".

Later during the film, Paquin's character asks De Niro's character about Hoffa's disappearance, and asks why De Niro's character hasn't reached out to Hoffa's wife, as they were friends.

"Why", Peggy asks Frank to which he responds "Wha?"

De Niro told USA Today in an interview published on November 29, 2019, that the actress delivered a good performance.

While Paquin's Peggy occupies limited screen time, a younger version, played by child actress Lucy Gallina, commands additional, pivotal scenes that set up her troubling relationship with her murderous father -so that when the "True Blood" alum finally says her piece as an adult, it holds heartbreaking weight.

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The fact that Anna Paquin was given so little to say in The Irishman has drawn polarizing reaction, but Robert De Niro has given his take on the matter, saying how she gave an exemplary performance despite the lack of dialogue.

Here's how the conversation - if you want to call it that - happens in the film between De Niro and Paquin's characters, according to CNN Entertainment.

"The idea that Scorsese ordered Anna Paquin to be in his movie is hilarious", Stone wrote.

The veteran filmmaker addressed the criticism ahead of the movie's theatrical release, arguing in conversation with Spike Lee in NY that Peggy "doesn't have to say anything" to make an impact.

"Nope, nobody was doing any 'ordering, '" she tweeted.

In the mean time, Netflix dropped executive Martin Scorsese's wrongdoing epic "The Irishman" on Wednesday without a moment to spare for the Thanksgiving weekend.

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