New 'Planet of the Apes' Movie in The Works [DETAILS HERE]

Lula Sharp
December 4, 2019

Still, Matt Reaves is now busy prepping "The Batman" for Warner Brothers, so he will be unavailable to continue the series as a director.

On an earnings call in August, CEO Bob Iger stressed that the classic franchise is a project that the studio plans to reboot as soon as possible, given the success of its previous films.

Hollywood's desire to squeeze every cent out of sequels and reboots knows no bounds - and it looks like Planet of the Apes could be next. Tim Burton rebooted with one pic starring Mark Wahlberg in 2001. Besides for its groundbreaking motion-capture visual effects, the trilogy set up a remarkable universe that deserves to be revisited even though that last film wrapped up the story arc of its main character, the super-intelligent Caesar (mo-capped by Andy Serkis).

Since acquiring 20th Century Fox, Disney has inherited a whole bunch of movie franchises. The trilogy ended with 2017's War for the Planet of the Apes, which Matt Reeves (The Batman) and Serkis said they hoped to make more films in the franchise but after the merger, it was left in question.

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So far, there have been a lot of "Planet of the Apes" adaptations, including the original movie in 1968, its sequels and a TV series in the 1970s.

Ball had directed the three films in the Maze Runner franchise and is producing the series The Night Market for Disney+. That film offered a fitting and emotional finale to a story that began in 2011's Rise of The Planet of The Apes, but we suppose you could continue telling stories within that timeline if you wanted to.

Nonetheless, the door was indeed open for a continuation, and now fans could get it in the near future.

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