Simple testing method to detect prostate cancer for men

Darnell Taylor
December 1, 2019

"Immunotherapy has had tremendous benefits for some cancer patients, and it's fantastic news that even in prostate cancer, where we don't see much immune activity, a proportion of men are responding well to treatment", says Professor Paul Workman, chief executive of The Institute of Cancer Research.

Experts hope to revolutionise diagnosis of the potentially fatal disease by creating an at-home collection kit.

It is used for men suspected of having cancer and can work out which men have aggressive or intermediate levels of the disease, as well as ruling out those who do not have prostate cancer.

"Probably the most often used exams for prostate most cancers come with blood exams, a bodily exam referred to as a virtual rectal exam (DRE), an MRI scan or a biopsy".

'Since the prostate is continually emitting, the assortment of pee from men's first pee of the day implies that the biomarker levels from the prostate are a lot higher and progressively steady, so this is an extraordinary improvement.

Lead researcher Dr Jeremy Clark, from UEA's Norwich Medical School, said: "The PUR test looks at gene expression in urine samples and provides vital information about whether a cancer is aggressive or "low risk". With the ability to merely supply a urine pattern at domestic and publish a pattern off for research may just truly revolutionise the analysis", Clark added.

A prostate cancer test which can be carried out at home and avoids invasive medical examinations could help more patients receive an earlier and more accurate diagnosis. They juxtaposed the home collection samples with the one collected after digital rectal examination.

Scientists pioneered the test which diagnoses aggressive prostate cancer and predicts whether patients will require treatment up to five years earlier than standard clinical methods.

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They at that point thought about the consequences of their morning-time home pee tests with tests gathered after an advanced rectal assessment. "That is against this to the present scenario the place males are recalled to the health center each six to 12 months for painful and costly biopsies", persevered Clark.

'When we do diagnose prostate cancer, the urine test has the potential to differentiate those who need to have treatment from those who do not need treatment, which would be invaluable, ' he said.

'These patients go on to a functioning reconnaissance program following the determination which may include rehash biopsies and MRI checks which is very meddlesome.

Dr Mangesh Thorat, delegate chief of the Cancer Prevention Trials Unit at King's College London, stated: 'They found that "at-home" examples are at any rate comparable to tests in the center.

'However, these urine-based biomarkers, although promising and an area of active research, are not yet recommended for prostate cancer screening or during management of prostate cancer by active surveillance.

'Prostate Cancer UK and Movember are happy to announce that we have awarded funding to the team at the University of East Anglia to test this in a much larger group of men'.

It is in use as standard treatment for some cancers like melanomas, and being tested on many others too.

'This new test is from the get-go in its advancement, however can possibly offer a basic, non-intrusive method for anticipating forceful prostate disease without the requirement for men to go to a center.

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