Spider-Man not Far From Home

Alonzo Simpson
December 4, 2019

"With as onerous as Sony has been exhibiting off [the original Marvel's Spider-Man] on PS5-it being be pleased, 'right here's how we're going to level how different this game is, '-I mediate a Spider-Man 2..."

Sony even went and bought Insomniac Games, so a sequel to the game is all but confirmed. He stated that it could be coming Christmas 2021. Khan revealed speculated that the sequel to the popular Spider-Man game will not be launching on day one of the PlayStation 5.

Although a lot of that depends on whether the new game is also set in NY, which would save time for the developer but might get a little repetitive as that's where most Spidey games are usually set.

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Twitter user SavinTheBees said in a tweet, "Someone said "Spider-Man far from MCU" and I haven't been the same since". "I know too worthy about this, so I'm able to't speculate too worthy".

Kinda Funny's Imran Khan recently let slip that he knows an very bad lot about what's happening with the next step in Sony's Spider-Man experience, saying: "I think it's a Christmas 2021 title". It would therefore not be impossible for Imran Khan to be privy to information regarding Marvel's Spider-Man 2, considering the established relationship. During the podcast, Kahn also mentions the Holiday 2021 release window. He also suggests that it will be out "sooner than you think", in reference to the other guests' speculation of a later release. The PS5 is expected to launch around Christmas 2020, so I can't think of a better way to see off the console's first year than with a sequel to a beloved PS4 hit. If we assume that the studio is porting its engine over to the next-gen console rather than starting from the ground up, then the end of 2021 doesn't seem too impossible.

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