Instagram Gets New SloMo, Echo, and Duo Filters for Boomberang

Alonzo Simpson
January 14, 2020

The famous photo sharing app Instagram (Instagram) its users for updates to be released, in which them numerous special features of support will get. The Echo feature accelerates your Boomerang slightly, while the Duo increases your Boomerang's speed significantly. Instagram has made several improvements to Stories in the past few months to keep users on the platform.

All three new filters are available in the Boomerang composer in the Instagram Stories camera.

The new editing options will allow users to add a bit of dramatic effect to make their Boomerang Stories more fun and interesting to watch. After firing a Boomerang, an infinity symbol button at the top of the screen reveals the alternative effects and the video trimmer.

As the name suggests, with SlowMo Boomerang videos are slowed to half their original speed, while Echo has a double vision effect, boosting Boomerang and Duo, which both speeds up and slows down Boomerang adding a texturized effect.

Instagram users will see three new Boomerang filters, which will allow them to create new moments and bring refreshing perspectives. However, Instagram faces new competition from TikTok, which gives users a whole host of different video effects to play with. You can either wait for it to install automatically or can head to the app store and grab the new update manually. Boomerang was launched in 2015 and let users create short videos that play in a back and forth loop. It's also possible to trim and adjust the length of recorded Boomerangs with the update. In its latest rollout, the Facebook-owned platform unleashed a trio of fresh Boomerang effects.

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To access these new effects, take a Boomerang as usual.

Duo - Rapidly rewinds the clip to the beginning with a glitchy, digitized look.

This new Echo effects a motion blurriness to the video.

Boomerang lovers rejoice! Instagram released new features on Friday that should look familiar to anyone who uses TikTok. The new impacts come as an over-the-air (OTA) update.

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