‘Labs’ in Google App Allows Users to Test Experimental Features

Alonzo Simpson
January 16, 2020

There is no indication if there will be an audible notification that the call is being recorded. On the one hand, it definitely has practical uses, especially when recording phone interviews or meetings. A few other Pixel 2 owners have chimed in with confirmations.

Google has been upgrading all of its mobile apps at a steady clip over the past several years, but one app that hasn't gotten much attention (and understandably so) is the Phone app. Recently, Xiaomi replaced its own phone app with Google's, but users were unhappy because they lost the ability to record calls. Since then the feature required workarounds which were later shut down by Google with the arrival of Android 9.

After decoding the resources of the latest version, the site revealed that a number of assets "pertaining to call recording" as well as a new layout and icon could be spotted.

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It's not unusual for Google to include snippets of what it's working on in final versions of apps but it doesn't give a clue when the feature will land or even if it will at all.

As pointed out by Android Police, Google has just started rolling out an all-new "Labs" section in the latest update of the Google app. Although, Google provides a separate voice recording app with that facility on most of its phones and also offers a host of third-party apps for call recording, reports suggest that it may soon push the feature in its Pixel Series' default Phone app. They have also not released a call recording API since Android 6 Marshmallow. That said, Google will have to tread carefully especially given its reputation regarding privacy.

Until Google confirms call recording is being added to the dialer app it remains unclear if or when it will be introduced.

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