Michael Avenatti was arrested during the Los Angeles Attorney General hearing

Nellie Chapman
January 16, 2020

The lawyer, who is facing multiple lawsuits in California and NY, is likely to spend the night at downtown Los Angeles Metropolitan Detention Center or in Santa Ana prison before appearing before a federal court in Santa Ana tomorrow.

"The fact that defendant continued to engage in criminal conduct after he had been indicted in this case and while on bond demonstrates that defendant remains a substantial economic danger to the community", prosecutors wrote.

The documents unsealed in California Wednesday said there is probable cause to believe Avenatti - while out on pre-trial release - committed federal offenses such as mail and wire fraud, and state offenses including money laundering and fraudulent removal of property. Avenatti has not pleaded guilty to all charges and has vocalized his innocence on social media.

"Additionally, between June 2019 and September 2019, defendant "flipped" cashier's checks to himself in order to limit the amount of funds available in his U.S. Bank account on at least eight separate occasions", it adds.

A NY federal judge rejected Michael Avenatti's bid Wednesday to dismiss charges where he is accused of extorting sportswear brand Nike. But Judge Paul G. Gardephe summoned prosecutors and defense attorneys to a phone conference Wednesday and said Avenatti's arrest "has essentially thrown the trial into chaos".

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Avenatti, who is awaiting trial on three federal indictments, was arrested again late Tuesday in downtown Los Angeles and remained in custody Wednesday morning, according to Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for the US attorney's office in Los Angeles.

Michael Avenatti might be championed for his fight against Trump and R. Kelly but he has his own legal issues that he's dealing with.

After the disciplinary hearing break, where the State Bar of California has initiated proceedings against Avenatti, he did not return back to the court, Fox News reported.

"Completely innocent", Mr. Avenatti told reporters as he left the courthouse. This time it was claimed that Avenatti stole $ 300,000 from his most famous client, Stormy Daniels. "So there are certainly questions in my mind about why it was necessary to raise allegations about bail violations so close to the trial and it certainly has put defense counsel in a very hard position".

U.S. District Judge Paul Gardephe, who oversees the Nike case, said Avenatti's arrest caused an "enormous disruption" requiring an adjournment of the January 21 trial, which Avenatti will be allowed to attend. The second NY trial also was scheduled to start in May.

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