Microsoft’s upgraded Edge browser vs. Google Chrome: The results might surprise you

Alonzo Simpson
January 16, 2020

Microsoft said in a blog post on Wednesday that the new Edge browser would be pushed to PCs as part of a "measured rollout" that will take months to complete.

"When you install Microsoft Edge on an up-to-date Windows 10 device, it will replace the previous (legacy) version on your device".

Microsoft is trying to breathe a new life into its web browser by ditching the homegrown browser engine in favor of Chromium. Microsoft has provided a dedicated webpage to let eligible Windows and macOS users download the latest Edge version, which is the Edge 79 stable. While Chrome has mercifully eaten Microsoft's browser market share, with Microsoft abandoning its own engine, content can finally be optimised to run across more browsers and users will get the same consistent experience, as the developers intended ... in the future, anyway.

If you don't use Microsoft Edge, Microsoft specifically would like you to know that it won't migrate your browser preference to Edge. Microsoft says that switching to Chromium offers better compatibility, improved performance, and less fragmentation for developers.

‘Labs’ in Google App Allows Users to Test Experimental Features
Recently, Xiaomi replaced its own phone app with Google's, but users were unhappy because they lost the ability to record calls. Until Google confirms call recording is being added to the dialer app it remains unclear if or when it will be introduced.

This feature sets it apart from competitors like Chrome and Firefox, which only offer native support for 720p streaming, with extensions capable of adding 1080p streaming capability. It also comes with various UI customization features, a built-in Bing search, a Handoff-like Windows Timeline feature, and an Internet Explorer mode for viewing older web pages.

While it may be tempting to switch to the new Edge right away, users need to be aware that core features are not available yet. Microsoft plans on maintaining three different builds of the browser: Canary, Dev, and Beta.

Microsoft is gradually rolling out the new browser for the users after rigorous testing.

Today Microsoft is making the new Edge web browser available to download for Windows and Mac. If you're exhausted of Chrome or are simply looking for something a little bit different, Edge might be exactly what you need. Tell us what you think about Edge Chromium in the comments section below.

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