SpaceX's Crew Dragon faces critical test for future astronaut flights Saturday

Eloise Marshall
January 15, 2020

On Saturday, a Falcon 9 rocket aced a hot fire test at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

SpaceX has yet another resupply mission utilizing its first-technology Dragon spacecraft design earlier than transitioning to the corporate's upgraded Dragon 2 vehicle, which can have two variants tailor-made for crew and cargo flights to the area station. Crew Dragon made a historic success last March by flying to one of the outpost orbit outposts (Demo-1 flight). But that capsule exploded during work on ground tests of the abort system a month later.

SpaceX is getting ready for a crucial Crew Dragon test flight scheduled this Saturday.

This deliberate move is created to test SpaceX's Crew Dragon accommodation capsule. During the demonstration, super-chilled propellants (kerosene and liquid oxygen), were placed into the rocket before the Falcon 9's first stage Merlin 1D engines were ignited.

After Crew Dragon reaches the height of its arc, it's going to jettison its cylindrical trunk and deploy four parachutes because it falls again to Earth to splash down within the Atlantic Ocean.

SpaceX's GO Searcher recovery ship will be on hand to retrieve the Crew Dragon, but don't expect to see an awesome rocket landing.

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The Crew Dragon that is set to be utilized for Saturday's test had originally been earmarked for the maiden crewed mission.

SpaceX is preparing to perform an important test in collaboration with NASA.

The reusable Dragon provide ship concluded a 30-day keep on the area station at 5:05 a.m. EST (1005 GMT) Tuesday, when the station's Canadian-constructed robotic arm launched the Dragon spacecraft.

NASA has asked the private sector to develop a crew-worthy spacecraft to replace the space shuttle program after its retirement in 2011. The opposite firm, Boeing, will use a capsule known as Starliner to make these taxi flights for NASA.

Simply as SpaceX moved nearer to human spaceflight in 2019, so, too, did Boeing.

Coming up next is the in-flight abort test, which will likely take place this weekend. It returned to Earth safely on december 22.

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