Tesla cars will soon talk to you if you want, teases Musk

Darnell Taylor
January 14, 2020

In early trading, Tesla shares reached as high as $504.88 as investors continued to throw more weight behind the company and its prospects for future growth and success.

Electric auto manufacturer Tesla has actually once more tested hackers to find bugs in its connected cars. We need to be a hacker, or a computer hacker group administratietoegang to the infotainment system ($50,000), auto pilot ($50,000), or the control of the computer system with which various systems can communicate with each other ($100,000).

To put Tesla's $ 500 per share milestone in perspective, the company's share price hit $ 400 for the first time on December 20, and its shares climbed 51% during the past year.

Elon Musk has announced that Tesla are adding a new feature to their cars, the ability for their cars to talk to people and pedestrians. Musk did this via his favorite method of telling the public what's going on with Tesla, a Twitter tweet.

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In a shared video, Tesla Model 3 is said to have a vehicle that says ağ it will look blank, and I'll take it to the horse ken.

The video is short, but shows a Tesla Model 3 driving past with a speech recording playing externally - "Well don't just stand there staring, hop in".

In the tweet, Musk states that "Telsas will soon talk to people if you want", and just to make sure we didn't doubt the veracity of the embedded video, he also claimed that "this is real".

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