Google Accidentally teased Android 11 before taking down the preview page

Alonzo Simpson
February 14, 2020

Google might have accidentally posted the Android 11 developer preview online for a brief period before taking it down and replacing with the existing Android 10 developers preview page.

If you register as a developer with Google you can gain access to early, usually quite unstable versions of the next Android version to test your apps and build the, to be compatible. The public beta, meanwhile, will drop only in May, and it'll be more stable than the first developer release. Last year, the first Developer Preview for Android 10 dropped in early March.

Android Police managed to capture some screenshots before Google reverted it back to Android 10 and it seems that none of the links within the site actually linked to Android 11 material. Another anticipated feature is "Share-to-Print" that will make it easier to print images and PDFs by adding universal "Print" option to the Android share sheet. But nothing was official, and it still isn't, given that Google pulled the Android 11 Developer Preview announcement.

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New features and APIS - APIs for foldables, sharing, connectivity, media, NNAPI, biometrics, and more. To recall, system-wide Dark Mode was introduced in Android 10, though the company hinted in a comment on Google Issue Tracker that Android 11 could allow users to schedule dark mode, based on time.

Now none of the "Behavior changes" or "Privacy features" or "New features & APIs" links work.

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