Idiotic Influencer Reportedly Hospitalized With Coronavirus After Licking Toilet

Nellie Chapman
March 26, 2020

A 21-year-old Beverly Hills native, who goes by the name Larz on TikTok, reportedly shared a video of himself in a hospital bed on Twitter, revealing that he has "tested positive for Coronavirus".

Larz, whose handle is @gayshawnmendes on Twitter, had earlier posted a video of himself licking a toilet bowl imitating popular TikTok user and model Ava Louise. The super unsmart challenge - which sees persons in public places share videos of themselves licking objects - has been blasted as "highly irresponsible" by health officials.

Days after an influencer, GayShawnMendes, who took part in a "Coronavirus challenge" which involved licking the edge of a toilet seat, says he has tested positive for the disease. She filmed herself licking an airplane toilet seat, adding the caption: "Please RT this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane". Larz was part of the craze where youngsters were seen licking tubs of ice cream in supermarkets.

His Twitter account has since been suspended.

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The coronavirus challenge has led many sharing their videos on various forms of social media. Startling videos have been exchanged across numerous social media platforms in dichotomy to official tips to cease the spread of the possibly fatal bug.

In Australia, two men being treated for COVID-19 in Victoria have died, becoming the state's first coronavirus fatalities and bringing the national total to 11. "There's a reason coronavirus is taking out people over 50, because you're all idiots who ruined our country, our economy, and raise clout-chasing idiots like me, the person you all hate so much".

Another one seen doing the weird coronavirus challenge thing.

Which is to say: You shouldn't take the Coronavirus Challenge.

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