Spain: Army Has Found Elderly Abandoned, Dead at Care Homes

Nellie Chapman
March 26, 2020

The number of deaths also jumped by a record number of 514 to 2,696.

Defense Minister Margarita Robles said the Spanish military has been utilized to help disinfect nursing homes during the outbreak.

Spanish soldiers disinfecting nursing homes in the fight against the coronavirus have made the horrifying discovery of some residents living among infectious bodies abandoned in their beds, officials said.

Robles did not specify which nursing homes she was referring to or how many were abandoning their care obligations. Robles did not give an exact figure for the number of dead bodies found by Spanish soldiers.

Two nuns are among 23 people reported to have died in a new coronavirus tragedy at an old peoples' home in Madrid.

An ice rink in Madrid has been turned into a temporary morgue as Spain tries to cope with the fallout from its rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak.

Prosecutors said an investigation has been launched. In Spain, * a href="*!tabs-tabla__;Iw!Iwwt!FbtOP_bHVjiZsuOhhebiAsm3xK5oeW_Nl5-fJwt27gxIKG6q3YY_MDsZ9_lb$" target="_blank" *around 19 percent of the population is over 65 years old; the country has one of the longest life expectancies in the world. 439 of them have been reported to recover within the past day.

The US has the Potential to Become the New Epicenter of Infection
She also added in her statement that the United States has a very large outbreak and that outbreak is increasing in intensity. Often, the cases tested and reported first are those with severe symptoms, since those people go to the hospital.

With authorities stepping up testing, the number of people diagnosed with COVID-19 rose by almost 20 percent to 39,673, the health ministry said. A long-term elderly care facility in the United States was linked to the deaths of over 37 residents due to the virus.

Hospitals are also overwhelmed, and are turning away the elderly with coronavirus from nursery homes.

The country has seen added 53,000 healthcare workers, 4 million masks and 1,5 million protective equipment. It was subsequently overtaken by the residence in Alcoy.

An expert said the incident has brought to light the dire conditions of Spain's nursing homes, most of which lack personnel and resources, an issue unaddressed by private investors.

The ice rink is close to the IFEMA conference center, where beds have been set up to treat coronavirus patients. Local authorities said they plan to convert five other establishments. Madrid's hotel association has offered 40 hotels to help medical workers.

Spain is the worst affected country in Europe after Italy, which has recorded more than 6,000 deaths so far.

Some 5,400 health care workers have been diagnosed with the virus, Simon said. There have been so many people who died in the home where he was staying.

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