Apple Adds To Its AI Acquisitions With Machine Learning Start-up

Darnell Taylor
May 30, 2020

Although Apple didn't officially confirm or deny the acquisition, it did say that it "buys smaller technology companies from time to time and we generally do not discuss our objective or plans", its standard nondenial response.

Apple Siri boss John Giannandrea, who is also responsible for machine learning, has been updating the underlying technology that ‌Siri‌ relies on through acquisitions of companies like Inductiv.

Apple has acquired machine-learning startup Inductive that has been developing technology which uses artificial intelligence to identify and correct errors in datasets.

Apple had also acquired Turi, a Seattle-based startup in the year 2016 as an effort to develop its machine learning as well as artificial intelligence teams. This could help Apple improve the back-end speech data and queries powering Siri-so yes, the AI voice assistant is getting its own AI helper.

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According to reports Apple has purchased a company that will help with its development of Siri - Apple's voice control operated virtual assistant. Co-founder Ihab Ilyas, a professor at the University of Waterloo, lists himself as chief executive officer from February 2019 to now.

The startup's employees recently updated their LinkedIn profiles to state that they are now working for Apple Inc., and that they have begun working for Cupertino in April or May. Apple also pledged to change practices after it was revealed to use human contractors to listen to audio recordings of its users talking to Siri - just like its rivals. "The engineering team from Waterloo, Ontario-based Inductiv joined Apple in recent weeks to work on Siri, machine learning and data science", it writes.

This is one of many AI-related acquisitions that Apple has made recently.

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