Beware! Setting This Image As Wallpaper Could Brick Your Smartphone

Alonzo Simpson
June 2, 2020

As revealed by the popular leakster Ice Universe, an image showing a scene of sunset when used as wallpaper on an Android device is bricking the smartphones.

The image has been making the rounds across social media - because we Android nerds are a curious lot and when we hear something will mess up our phones, we apparently take that as a personal challenge - and has been wrecking havoc on phones of the idiots stupid enough to set the original image as their wallpaper. Either way, it has been soft-bricked.

If you already set the wallpaper, your phone is probably either stuck in a bootloop or will kick back to the bootloader. It's now time to look at a similar problem that's affecting Android devices, an image that can crash your handset if you use it as a wallpaper.

Anyway, the bottom line is don't install this wallpaper and do let you friends and family know about it, else they will just have a bad day trying to solve the issue.

When the image is set as a wallpaper, users report that their devices are soft-bricked, and the device is then caught in a loop where the display repetitively turns on and off.

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Yes, this image can crash your phone. "Don't try it! If someone sends you this picture, please ignore it", Ice Universe said on Twitter.

The crash-inducing issue, brought to light by IceUniverse, is reportedly limited to Android 10 and older versions of the operating system as Android 11 handles such potential color space discrepancies on the fly. However, this did not work for Android Authority - their reporter had to factory reset their phone in order to resolve the problem.

When set as a wallpaper, the image is crashing Android devices with several complaining their smartphone is stuck in a boot loop or can not progress from the bootloader screen.

In case you've disregarded all warnings and now have a bootlooping Galaxy smartphone on your hands, you may be able to revive it by rebooting into safe mode and changing your wallpaper from there.

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