Orlando Bloom on 'ups and downs' with pregnant fiancée Katy Perry

Lula Sharp
August 8, 2020

Perry pops out of the auto, bares her bump (I mean, she's about to work up a sweat!) and busts out a few dance moves while "Push The Feeling On" plays inside the vehicle.

"I was really terrified of the idea two or three years ago". I just cut my energy off from those people.

It was during this time that Katy's mental health was deteriorating, and she was in a deep depression. "It's been two-and-a-half years of trying to score my footing. It's so easy for me to work, work, work and avoid, but I had to go on a mental and spiritual journey".

Undergoing the Hoffman process - a week-long retreat created to rewire deeply entrenched negative behaviors from childhood - helped her change her mindset. This week-long, personal-development retreat helped Katy to dig into negative behaviours.

""It changed my life, and it's changed Orlando's life and many of my friends" lives," she said. It helped me re-wire how I think about myself and the habits and patterns of why I do something.

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She captioned the photo in which her baby bump is taking its toll: "poopedstar". "I just really want to be a human being and have the dimension of life", said Perry, who's embracing a future filled with "family and love and laughing and coziness". "Orlando's gonna be the good cop and I'm gonna be the bad cop".

"He's already had a test run so, I'm grateful for that". "Justice is so important for me; if anyone's not being treated fairly or..." "Having an most well-known accomplice, having a sound mind, persevering with to originate the work, I'm now not as flinchable", Perry said, explaining how she's been getting through.

Meanwhile, Orlando Bloom and Perry will be welcoming their baby girl anytime soon. Well into her pregnancy, the "California Girls" singer is understandably exhausted while waiting for her baby girl to arrive.

In March, the "Fireworks" singer revealed that she and Bloom are expecting their first child together, by releasing the music video for her new song "Never Worn White".

Orlando Wednesday Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr in 2010, divorcing in 2013 and now sharing custody of their nine-year-old son Flynn.

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