Apex Legends Halloween event update news, Fight or Fright release date reveal

Alonzo Simpson
October 24, 2020

Lots of people ask when the Fight or Fright release for Apex Legends is, and here's what time the Fight or Fright Halloween event is expected to start.

New challenges are also promised, alongside some new and returning cosmetic skins for numerous game's roster of Legends including a Witch outfit for Wraith and a scarecrow getup for Bloodhound to name but two. Season 7's release date is November 4, 2020, according to the Season 6 Battle Pass timer.

One of the main mechanics of the mode is that once dead, you are a Shadow, and tasked with eliminating the remaining survivors.

Numerous skins are recolors from last year's event, and even the Shadow Royale mode takes a lot of inspiration from Revenant's dark creation a year ago. Over the last few days, Respawn Entertainment has released two short teaser videos for what seems to be a new character that may soon arrive in Apex Legends. It was fun, for a couple of hours.

The good news is that Shadow Royale in 2020 will feature loot from 2019, with new versions also being offered.

Last year's event took place in the old Kings Canyon map. They will have a brutal melee attack, enhanced mobility, and super speed. You will continue to fight alongside your teammates in this form until all three of you are dead.

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Players in Shadow Form can respawn an infinite number of times.

Shadows have different abilities, such as speed and wall running. You'll have to ensure the entire squad is removed from play to get rid of them.

"The return of Fight or Fright introduces all-new reimaginings of last year's skins like the Sweet Dreams Caustic and Wicked Harvest Bloodhound, as well as new skins for Loba and Revenant". You can check out exactly what you can get when below.

For players who don't enjoy dropping dollars on cosmetics for games, this year's Fight or Fright event will offer you a free prize track.

For a full list of the available cosmetics, you can check the EA website here!

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