Amazon adds ‘X-Ray’ feature to Amazon Music

Alonzo Simpson
November 23, 2020

X-Ray is a singular Amazon characteristic that differentiates Prime Video from all different streaming providers.

It's Amazon's cheeky name for the trivia-based feature that lets you learn about the stuff you're interacting with. Tap it and Amazon Music will serve up details about the song or artist playing. The company already offered a limited X-Ray that provided scrolling lyrics for years now, but this revamp sees it working more like the X-Ray functionality in Prime Video, pulling up fun facts about the media you're currently experiencing.

For users in the United States and the United Kingdom, Amazon will also display trivia such as "extra fun facts" for popular songs.

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The additional pieces of trivia that this feature will now show about the tracks is the new addition and these cover interesting information about the artist's backstory, when the song was released and what spot it reached on the Billboard charts. Amazon isn't trying to draw your attention to it.

It does however want you to have access to it. You could say it's hidden in plain sight because it's not really hidden, but you can also easily miss it or ignore it. Based on the screenshot Amazon provided, it looks like you'll have to swipe up from the player screen to view the annotations.

Amazon has said that X-Ray would be rolling out to the app as of today. Users can see information such as actors in a particular sceneusing the feature. Amazon Music may be one of the less-spoken-of alternatives, but works well within the Amazon ecosystem. Or, you may just need to wait it out a little bit longer for Amazon to push the feature to everyone.

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