Joe Exotic is 'absolutely confident' Donald Trump will pardon him today

Lula Sharp
January 20, 2021

Though the bulk of Trump's pardons are said to be going to various supporters and hangers on who dirtied their hands to further the President's grift, Exotic - the focus of the insanely popular Netflix documentary series Tiger King - is also remarkably firming as a likely candidate to be freed with one of Trump's final Presidential acts.

Eric Love, a private investigator who is leading Exotic's case, told Metro: "This time tomorrow, we're going to be celebrating".

In response to the possibility of a pardon, Carole Baskin told Insider: "Tigers are the world's favorite animal and Joe Schreibvogel Maldonado Passage is right where he belongs".

"I've got make-up, wardrobe, the whole unit that will come up".

The Tiger King star is confident he will be given a pardon by Donald Trump tomorrow that he has a vehicle waiting to take him home, according to Joe's legal representative.

In fact, he is so sure Trump will set him free, that he has a limousine parked outside the prison where he is now serving a 22-year sentence for trying to hire a hitman to kill his rival Carol Baskin, as well as numerous animal abuse charges.

Exterior of the limo outside the federal prison in Fort Worth Courtesy of Eric Love
Exterior of the limo outside the federal prison in Fort Worth Courtesy of Eric Love

After addressing a crowd at a deeply odd, self-demanded "Goodbye" event this morning Australian time - at which he delivered a meandering speech containing minimal truth while refusing to even utter the name of his freely and fairly elected successor - US President Donald Trump is now reportedly spending his final day in power issuing as many as 100 Presidential pardons.

If he is freed, Joe Exotic will be taken to a luxury ranch in a secret location to "decompress", be medically evaluated and get his hair styled before returning home to his husband. He hasn't had his hair done in 2 1/2 years.

Love said he and Exotic have worked on a video to send to Trump and his team if he should be pardoned. He said: "Last night, I shot a congratulatory video thanking Donald Trump so we have it queued up and ready to go". That's the first order of business.

When asked about why he believed Trump would issue the pardon, Love said he thought the president was hoping to overshadow his successor's inauguration.

Exotic wasn't the only celebrity rumoured to be on the pardons list.

Two sources familiar with the discussions, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Trump appeared to have been dissuaded from pardoning himself or members of his family.

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