Kia electric vehicles coming to Australia

Darnell Taylor
January 17, 2021

Kia says it will focus on more diverse transportation solutions, including electric vehicles, mobility services, and purpose-built fleet vehicles (think zero-emissions cargo vans and the like). Today, Kia is one of the biggest automakers globally, providing high-value passenger vehicles to millions of people around the world.

The company is transitioning from its traditional manufacturing-driven business model, turning its focus to offering a variety of mobility products and solutions.

"Our first dedicated EV, codenamed the CV, will be the first model with the new logo" said President and CEO of Kia Corporation, Ho Sung Song. Partnerships with the likes of Canoo and Arrival will mean Kia PBVs can offer different bodies mounted on top of an integrated modular "skateboard" platform, tailored to users' functional requirements. For instance, these could include car-sharing vehicles, low-floor logistics vehicles, and delivery vehicles.

The company is also shortening its official name.


Along with the new sharp Kia identity, the company has introduced a new strapline "Movement that Inspires". Fortunately, Kia also teased nine of its upcoming vehicles during its recent presentation, and we've put them all here for you to see.

Kia Corporation brand strategy and E-GMP crossover EV teaser
Kia reveals new strategy, teases electric vehicles for private and commercial buyers – 7 new EVs by 2027

The Korean carmaker is also developing eco-friendly mobility services under 'Plan S.' It is ramping up its collaboration with global mobility solutions businesses and establishing other similar services as well. The company's new motto, "Movement that inspires", hints that we should be looking forward to mobility-related accessories and services.

Out of these seven new EVs, the first model to bear the new logo will debut in first quarter of 2021.

These are exciting years ahead for Kia.

For this, the firm has laid down its plans to design and launch about 7 electric vehicles by the end of 2027. It also comes with a battery that enables an electric driving range of over 500 kilometers and a high-speed charging time of under 20 minutes, it said. The marque claims it will prioritize electrification above all else to win 6.6% of the global EV market by 2025 and sell over half a million such cars by 2026.

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