Linksys shares new mesh Wi-Fi 6e routers at CES 2021

Alonzo Simpson
January 13, 2021

In addition to the Linksys Aware update, the Linksys AXE8400 Wi-Fi 6E mesh router system has been launched. The paid service was launched to sense motion in mesh network environments by detecting activities taking place via Wi-Fi signals.

This is not the only announcement TP-Link has made regarding new products recently. The company recently revealed a whole new range of Kasa products including a smart doorbell. Most people still have not purchased the adapter. This is expected to be launched in July or later this year.

Though the prices of all the routers are yet to be announced.

AX6000 Ceiling Mount Tri-Band WiFi 6 Access Point - EAP680 HD that delivers astonishing wireless speeds of up to 6 Gbps powered by the latest WiFi 6 technology with a 10G Ethernet port supported by an 802.3bt PoE++ power supply.

TP-Link announced the Deco Voice X20 at CES 2021. This router will have an inbuilt speaker and microphone to help extend Alexa's footprint in the home.

Some have questioned how much this will actually be a draw for consumers. This is a huge upgrade to Wi-Fi that quadruples the available airwaves for faster speeds and more reliable connections.

TP-Link adds voice control to its newest mesh WiFi router
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CES 2021, D-Link introduced its latest solutions which are equipped with Wi-Fi 6 technology: DWA-X1850 AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 USB 3.0 Adapter And D-Link AI M32 AX3200 Wi-Fi 6 AI Mesh Router. Plume has during the past couple of years been probably the fastest growing startup in the smart home space and is easily one of the most innovative as well as most strategically adept tech startups in existence today.

TP-Link has also announced the release of new single routers as opposed to mesh systems.

At the same time, the company is also launching a pair of Archer WiFi 6E spider routers, the AX206 and AX96. This router has a tri-band dynamic backhaul that allows the router to use the 6GHz spectrum for the backhaul amongst nodes even if no Wi-Fi 6e-enabled equipment are in the property.

Additionally, TP-Link showed off the new Archer AX206, which is an extravagant gaming router. TP-Link claims this device will come with "unstoppable" transmissions and "eradicates" latency.

For those that do not wish to splash out on Wi-Fi 6E, TP-Link has also announced several Wi-Fi 6 options as well.

AX5400 Whole Home Mesh WiFi 6E System with Smart Hub - Deco X76 Plus also operates on the 6 GHz Band, delivering overall speeds up to an incredible 5400 Mbps with tri-band WiFi. Plume won the Wi-Fi NOW Awards for Best In-Home Wi-Fi Solution and Best Service Provider Wi-Fi Solution at the 2020 Wi-Fi NOW Awards Gala on December 9, 2020.

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