Senate Republicans won't even consider voting rights. The filibuster must go

Lula Sharp
June 23, 2021

After a failed vote on USA election reform, some congressional Democrats say they hope that defeat may provide the opportunity to scrap the filibuster rule that allows the minority in the Senate to block most legislation. It doesn't have the support to advanceover a procedural hurdle that would allow the legislation to come up for a debate.

"As much as I like Joe Manchin, the answer would be no", he added, continuing to rail against the voting rights proposals Democrats have largely been pushing for. Republican lawmakers have rebuked the sweeping legislation, while Democrats argue it is a necessary counterweight to various restrictive voting measures red states are imposing. Proposed changes include standardizing election procedures across all states, expanding mail-in voting, and eliminating some Republican-sponsored voting laws. It aims to tackle campaign finance concerns by requiring additional disclosures of fundraising and expanding the prohibition on campaign spending by foreign nationals.

House Democrats passed the bill by a vote of 220-210 in March, but the measure's fate in the Senate was always in question, given that Democrats need at least 10 Republicans to support it to overcome a filibuster and bring the bill to a vote.

Manchin, one of the last Democrat holdouts on the bill, has remained indecisive on his support. Instead, he released a memo of changes to election law that he would support, including mandating 15 days of early voting, automatic registration and making Election Day a public holiday.

In the proposal fact sheet, Manchin reiterated his calls for bipartisanship.

"The bill that's going to be debated, including Senator Manchin's changes, would address. numerous concerns and issues that I've just discussed", Obama said.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell accused the Democrats of a "power grab", and said the legislation would permit them to "take a red pen to election laws in each of the 50 states neutering voting ID laws and ballot harvesting". "All Republicans, I think, will oppose that as well if that were to be surfaced on the floor".

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Some efforts will continue even after the Tuesday vote, where Republicans are expected to block the bill from moving to debate.

"We can't let state legislators get to pick and choose who votes and what votes get counted".

"Sen. Manchin, along with the rest of our caucus, has made clear to the country that standing up for the right to vote is bigger than any one person or thing", Sen. "We certainly hope that will be the case tomorrow", Psaki said.

Many Republicans have made clear that they want to move on from the January 6 attack, brushing aside the many unanswered questions about the insurrection, including how the government and law enforcement missed intelligence leading up to the rioting and the role of Trump before and during the insurrection. "This will be a fight of his presidency".

During the Senate session, Vice President Kamala Harris presided over the vote.

Does this change the outlook on ending the filibuster?

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